What We’re About

At Runners Block we are very passionate about what we do. We understand that running and walking are unique to each individual! Whether you’re a novice or an elite runner or just love walking, we’re here to help. It’s your life, your pace! Fitting your feet to the right shoe is paramount to the activity that you love. With foot scans and video gait analysis our knowledgeable staff will help you get into what’s best for you. It’s not just about moving the body, it’s about moving the spirit, one sole at a time.

Fitting Process

Runners Block knows that our feet and mechanics are different from one person to the next. There is no one shoe that is perfect for everyone. That’s why we fit. That’s why we take the time to find the right shoe for you. It’s important to us and we are committed to making sure each person is properly fit into the appropriate shoe type for him or her.

We want to find out where you’re coming from. Are you running or walking? Have you had or have any injuries? How much do you run/walk each day/week. How are you feeling now. Do you use an orthotic? Your answers to these questions will help determine our footwear suggestions.

Video  Gait Analysis/Foot Scan

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We will watch you walk/run in your old shoes (and possibly barefoot) to observe your feet, how they move, the movement/flexibility of your arch, and any mechanical motions which will indicate to our knowledgeable staff the appropriate support level you require.

In many cases the bio-mechanics can change with repetition or increases in pace.  To ensure a proper fit, seeing you move on the treadmill or scanning your feet, will be of great benefit. We use an iPAD app to film you at your comfortable running or walking pace. We’ll then analyze your foot-strike frame by frame and together determine the support category and type of shoe from which we should select. If you are on a tight schedule we can just scan your feet on our foot scanner to help determine if you over pronate or under pronate. We will do what it takes to help you find the right footwear!


Meet the Team.

Rob Huber

Founder & CEO

Born and raised in South Dakota, I’ve spent the majority of my life here enjoying the diverse landscape the state has to offer. An outdoor junkie at heart I have enjoyed skiing in the Black Hills and Marathons in Sioux Falls. It is the perfect playground for my adventurous side. Recently I was able to combine my passion with my business.  Now I get to help encourage others develop their adventurous side in South Dakota.

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